Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Bat Blog!

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” ~Proverbs 31:25

Last week I shared that I had recently made lists of the things about my job that I love and the things that I am not particularly thrilled with.  At the top of the list of things I love are my co-workers.  They are all awesome, but one in particular, Anita, is the most unique woman I have ever met.

I say “unique” in the most complimentary sense of the word.  Anita is more “real” than any woman I have ever met.  She says it like it is and does not pretend to be someone she’s not to please other people.  I love that about her!

woman of substanceAnother one of Anita’s qualities that I admire is her courage.  She came in to work two weeks ago and shared the funniest, yet creepiest, story I ever heard!

That particular morning, about 4am, she was awakened by a swooshing sound and her cat, Candy Cane, freaking out at the foot of her bed.  It was a bat in her bedroom! Yikes!

Her bedroom is in the attic of her home so the ceiling is low and angled. The bat flew directly into the ceiling fan and…are you sitting down?…was catapulted through the air and landed, stunned, on Anita’s face!  Yeah, you heard that right.  A bat landed on her face and she was here at work telling me the story like it was no big deal!

I would have died of a heart attack on the spot! A spider in my house can render me paralyzed and my dear friend, Anita, had a bat land on her face and hours later was laughing about it with us!

Anita pushed the unwelcome guest away and got out of bed to turn the ceiling fan off, at which point the dazed and confused bat whacked her in the head.  About this time, Anita notices that Candy Cane is ready to take a leap off the bed to the window.  Knowing there was only a screen in the window that could easily be pushed out, Anita, leaped across the bed, air borne, to save her kitty.

She flew through the air just in time to grab Candy Cane by the tail and save her from plummeting three stories out the window.  At this point, Anita held the cat closely to calm her down, and walked downstairs, closing the bedroom door behind her.

A few hours later she went back upstairs into her bedroom to get ready for work.  I would have done one of two things…either call off work or go to work donning my pajamas.  The third choice, going back into that room, would not even be on the table!

There is no way I can do Anita’s story the justice it deserves on paper.  Hearing Anita tell it had me and our other co-workers doubled over with laughter…for days!  As soon as I heard it, I knew I needed to find a way to work her tale into my blog.

So,” bat on face” to Christian inspiration blog????  I’ve spent two weeks trying to connect those dots and, yeah, I’ve got nothing, so I will end with these simple Anita inspired words of encouragement.

The next time you think you are having a bad day, think of Anita, and unless your day started out with a bat on your face, it’s really not that bad after all! It’s all about perspective, my friends!

The next spider I see in my house is not going to look quite as scary to me…or maybe I will just call Anita.


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