Believe in Miracles

“You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples.” ~ Psalm 77:14 (NIV)

Several years ago, a good friend of my family, Andy, was attending a recovery support meeting.  This was not a meeting that Andy normally attended, but he had been delayed at an appointment, so instead of driving back home, he chose to go to this nearby meeting.

On his way into the meeting, he ran into Al.  Andy had crossed paths with Al a few times in the past, but they didn’t really know one another.  Al mentioned to Andy that he just got done at dialysis and wasn’t feeling well.  Al was in need of a kidney transplant.

8409-ea_miracles_happen_when_god_steps_in_design-pngWhen the meeting was over, Andy approached Al, and asked him how he could be tested to see if he was a match.  Knowing that Andy barely knew Al, makes that all the more amazing to me.  Andy and his wife, Elayne, are truly selfless people.

Al’s entire family had already been tested and not one of them was a match.  Andy, a complete stranger, turned out to be a perfect match and less than six months later, in December of 2009; he donated one of his kidneys to Al.

Andy and Elayne and Al and his wife, Amy, became family that day.  Al has said for years that he doesn’t know how he could ever possibly repay Andy.

Fast forward seven years, and Andy and Elayne, in another selfless act, have adopted two of their young grandchildren.  Their daughter recently had another baby, who she is not able to care for and Andy and Elayne were contacted by the County, asking if they would be able to take in their newborn grandson.

As much as they would love to do that, they are already stretched thin in raising a teenage daughter and two children, under the age of five.

Al met his wife, Amy, a dialysis nurse, during treatment.  They have one child together but have not been able to have any more children.  In the midst of Andy and Elayne’s dilemma, Amy called Elayne, and long story short, Al and Amy offered, and have been approved, to foster Andy and Elayne’s new grandson.

When I reflect on all of the miracles intertwined in this story, I am overcome with awe for our Heavenly Father.  God coordinated the lives of these four people in such a way that Al received a kidney and a wife.  Seven years later, Andy and Elayne are facing a difficult decision about their new grandson, and Al and Amy, who have been unable to have any more children, are in a position that they are willing and able to foster this newborn baby.

I have wanted to share the story of Andy and Al’s kidney transplant for quite some time, but for one reason or another, God always moved it to the backburner.  When I found out about the baby today, I knew exactly why.  God was not finished with their story at that time.

Whatever you have going on in your life, whatever your needs, remember that we serve an awesome God.  He is a God of Miracles and I guarantee you, He is not yet done with your story either.


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