Just Three Words

What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.” ~ Matthew 15:11 (NIV)

I have been trying to eat clean lately and be more aware of what I am ingesting to fuel my body.  If I can’t recognize (or pronounce!) the ingredients on the label, I avoid putting it in my body.

Today, I received an automated telephone call from my grocery store advising that the organic energy bars I purchased recently may be part of a recall for possible Listeria contamination.  I knew I had eaten one of the recalled bars a few days ago and had others in my cabinet.

How did I respond? My first thought was “this would never happen with a bag of Doritos!”  Then I performed a thorough Google search of “Listeria.”  After that, I shared the news among all co-workers within an earshot of my cubicle.  Finally, I texted my friend to tell him of my (possible) demise.

“You are protected.”

0c0b50e992429c1a8b77651e599f73d9--scripture-chalkboard-art-chalkboard-letteringThat was his response.  No medical advice.  No feeding into my overreaction.  Just a simple, three word reminder…you are protected.  His responses are always like that, which is one of the reasons that I text him as often as I do.  He balances my crazy with godliness.

I am a very wordy person.  Ask anyone who knows me…I talk ALOT!  I am currently reading a book by Joyce Meyer called “Me and My Big Mouth.”  It is about the power of words.

My prayer as I am reading through the book and studying the related Scripture is that I gain better control of my words; that I learn that sometimes less is more.

I am becoming more aware of how often I talk ABOUT my mountains instead of talking TO them. (Mark 11:23 NIV)  Sadly, it is more often than I care to admit.  I am a Christian, yet often forget God’s promises the minute I have a potential crisis in my life.

My responses tend to be worldly reactions…go to the internet for answers, tell people and get their advice.  I want my responses to be like the one I received today.  I want to remember immediately who I am in Christ and what His promises are to me.

The Bible is full of verses reminding us that God is our protector, our shield, our refuge, our strength, our sustainer, our provider, our rock, our helper.  Why do I so easily forget that when trouble strikes?

I will continue to focus on what goes into my mouth to nourish my body; but I was reminded today of the need to spend more time fostering what comes out of my mouth.

Our words are a direct reflection of our heart and our thoughts.  My thoughts were on me.  My friend’s thoughts were on God and His promises.   Our reactions were worlds apart.  One was chaotic and fearful.  The other was calm and confident.

When I got home from work tonight, I checked the lot numbers on the remaining energy bars in my cabinet.  Not one of them matched the recalled products.  I am protected and grateful…for both the refuge and the lesson.


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