It’s Monday…Be Happy Anyway!

“This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

~Psalm 118:24 (NKJV)

My son, Eric, and I don’t have many holiday traditions.  The ones we do have are not very elaborate.  This past Labor Day weekend we had our customary “take-out cook-in” …take out from the local burger joint, enjoyed at home, in one another’s company.  We are down-to-earth people and we are happy enjoying the simple things in life.

I have come to love this local burger place.  The food is delicious, but the crew is what I look forward to most.  They are always so pleasant and seem to genuinely enjoy working with one another.  As I was waiting for our food, I took in the environment.

downloadIt was a holiday and these folks were working, flipping burgers, for probably not much more than minimum wage.  You might expect them to be glum but they were having a ball!  There is always upbeat music playing in the establishment and as burgers were being grilled and potatoes were being fried, two of them were singing, loudly I might add, along with the music.

These were not “kids,” mind you.  I would estimate one was in his late twenties and the other in his mid-forties.

The older man was in charge of packing the bags for take-out and calling out the order numbers, as they were ready to be picked up at the counter.  He was so happy and enthusiastic that I couldn’t help but smile.

I’m sure every one of the crew members working that day would have preferred being home cooking on the grill with their friends and loved ones.  Instead, they were at work, doing so for others and making the best of it.  I walked out of the restaurant that day with burgers, fries and a simple reminder that life really is what we choose to make it.

Many of us are returning to work tomorrow to jobs that we may not love.  Others are starting a new week amid medical issues, relationship troubles, or financial worries.  I challenge you to look at Monday, and everyday, from the perspective of Psalm 118:24 and rejoice and be glad despite the circumstances you may face this week.

Have a blessed week and be a blessing to someone around you!



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